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About Us - Our Story

Welcome to I Love Nail Salon Cumming, where every stroke of the brush tells a story of passion, creativity, and the joy of self-expression. Founded by a team of artistic souls and beauty enthusiasts, our salon is a canvas for those who believe that nails are not just an accessory, but a form of personal artistry. Nestled in the heart of the city, we began our journey with a simple mission: to transform the nail salon experience into a delightful journey of creativity and relaxation. Our artisans blend a love for aesthetics with technical expertise, crafting stunning nail designs and moments of joy and confidence for our clientele.

Meet and greet!

Meet Ron Le – Tran H Dang the nail artist extraordinaire and proud owner of I Love Nails in Cumming! Their journey started since 4 years ago at Dalton GA to pursue their passion of art and now they have moved to Cunming GA to continue their journey.

Now, as the owner of I LOVE NAILs, they will bring their unique flair to every set of nails they touches. Clients not only leave with stunning nail art but also with a smile, a satisfaction. They are not just a nail artist; they are conversation starter, a vibe creator, and an all-around delightful presence.

Let’s show some love and support for them! If you’re a proud client of I LOVE NAILs, shower this post with hearts and let the world know about the magic works on those nails. Share this post, because great talent deserves to be celebrated!

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A Journey of Relaxation and Rejuvenation

Your comfort is our top priority. Our salon is designed to be a tranquil oasis, where you can unwind and enjoy a moment of calm in your busy life. Experience the luxury of personalized attention in an environment that soothes the senses and uplifts the spirit.